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The Company

  • TODOPARRILLAS is an Argentine company that manufactures pre-molded concrete grills, portable charcoal grills, grill racks, and all kinds of grill accessories.
  • Founded in the Provincia de Buenos Aires in 1973, our grills have reached every corner of the country and the world.
  • In addition to our three stores in Argentina, Todo Parrillas is an exporter to final consumer (B2C) and corporate clients (B2B), with air, consolidated maritime, LCL and FCL transport options.
Points of sale
  • Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  • Álvarez Thomas 1200
  • 4552-8558
  • Olivos (Argentina)
  • Av. Maipú 2128
  • 4795-7246
  • Caseros (Argentina)
  • Av. Marcelo T. de Alvear 2645
  • 4750-2955

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